I am seeking the office of the 25th International Grand Basileus, because I passionately believe in the mission of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. I have a vision for our organization that includes strategic growth, membership-related best practices, and most importantly, a positive experience for the entire sisterhood.

I have gained an historical perspective and invaluable understanding of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s operations throughout my years of consistent service and experience in various leadership roles. I have a proven track record as a fair-minded team player and hard worker, while offering a legitimate foundation of experience, and have consistently demonstrated a long-term commitment to the goals and objectives of our organization. I am an organized, detailed-oriented, dedicated, and skilled multi-tasking team player, who possesses the mental resolve to handle adversity and  responds constructively when presented with challenges, while bringing enthusiasm and dedication to the tasks at hand.

As a soror who inspires others to excellence, I hold myself accountable, and my work ethic encourages mutual trust and cooperation. One tenet of my leadership style is to encourage team members to look for a different approach when solving complicated  problems. I always strive to lead with dignity and integrity.

I strongly believe, “You take you, wherever you go” – I am  authentic; I lead by example, and I strive to exhibit leadership characteristics that embody what is ethical and moral. I am a  visionary who possess executive maturity, the ability to listen, sound judgment and proven leadership skills. I have committed, and will continue to commit to representing every member with a spirit of kindness, respect and a focus on what matters most.

Excelling in project management, team supervision, and mediation training, I believe these skills demonstrate a supportive  leadership style that encourages a productive and innovative team environment. My inclusive leadership style and task  orientation, often inspires confidence, encourages excellence, and results in success.

As your National First Anti-Basileus for the past four years, my motto has been “Membership is Key”. You see for me,  Membership is more than an investment, it’s an experience, and every member deserves a memorable experience. A satisfied member is an engaged member, and that, my sisters, is the foundation of success. I am confident that my collaborative and  inclusive leadership style, coupled with relevant operational experience and strong communication skills, will enable me to effectively serve the entire membership.

Having heard and analyzed your concerns has enabled me to implement decisions that positively impact the membership, including a strong brand of “Customer Service Excellence”. I have also worked to improve the manual procedures, already in place when I took office in 2014, with new technical realities for effective and efficient productivity.

I am seeking to serve as International Grand Basileus because I would like to offer a vision to sharpen our focus and increase our impact by delivering more value for our members and more meaningful contributions to society. Additionally, I bring the  determination and confidence to implement a strategic plan for our future, and the leadership experience and expertise to  achieve the goals that I have outlined in my platform.

I am truly excited about the future of Zeta as I envision it under the “Member’s Administration”. Yes, my sisters, this will be your administration, not the Hollingsworth-Baker Administration; because together, we are going to build upon the previous  programs and accomplishments of our past leaders, as we forge ahead to make Zeta the Number One Service Organization Nationwide. This has to be a team effort, and I pray that you will envision the possibilities as I have, and embrace the future with me!!!

Soror Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker
Candidate for the office of the 25th International Grand Basileus

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