Get back on the train and move full steam ahead

  • Continue to meet the needs of the Sisterhood through technological advancements
  • Reboot the on-line record retention team
  • Assist HR and the Personnel Committee with creating a better work balance between the volunteers and the IHQ Staff
  • “Setting the Record Straight” IEB Voting Scorecard will record the votes of your elected International Officers and provide the Sisterhood with information on how the officers they elected performed, thus fostering transparency and trust in the International Executive Board
  • Strengthen the bond between Zeta and our existing Partnerships and pushing for the inclusion of more Zetas on Corporate Boards
  • Acquire new strategic partners that will bring added value to the organization, particularly our undergraduate members through professional mentorships, and entry-level positions
  • Continue to bring in other streams of income
  • Continue to build a meaningful partnership with ZNEF to address their philanthropic goal of funding the One Million Dollar Endowment
  • Complete Birch Haven Renovation project
  • Continue the National Publications rollouts (Archon, Annual Report and Membership Matters)
  • National Website Rebrand
  • Establish a Social Media Advisory Board to create a comprehensive social media policy for the Sisterhood
  • Continue to drive our Capstone/ZHOPE Initiatives, while developing New Capstone Programs To Enhance Our Brand And Promote Awareness
  • Commission The P.E.A.R.L.S. (Promoting Excellence and Recognition of Legendary Service) National Honor Society to provide the highest level of recognition the sorority can bestow upon a Soror who has made outstanding contributions and given extraordinary service to the organization and the communities we serve
  • Establish our 501(c)(4) organization, which will give Zeta a seat at the political table to engage in lobbying and political activity on issues that are important to us, and create the Zeta Political Action Campaign Training Program (Z-PACT) to prepare members to take on leadership roles in local, state and national government
  • Resume History Team research of Zeta’s historical artifacts for preservation
  • Revive the IGB personal Welcome letters and Birthday greetings to the membership
  • Monthly Intimate Table Talks on member chosen topics
  • Quarterly Business Roundtables with Zeta Business Professionals.
  • Commission the ZHOPE Chair and the committee to perform a comprehensive feasibility study of all listed ZHOPE programs
  • Continue to work with the National Strategic Planning Directors to incorporate the ideas and needs of the sisterhood 
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