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“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming”
John Wooden


Retired Director in the Inforce Systems area of the Individual Policy Services Division of New York Life Insurance Company; managed one of the testing/research units; administrator of one of the major subsystems which I helped  to build and test; and was responsible for developing curricula for training/cross training, coaching employees; and a Project Manager for in-house projects which the Inforce system area was responsible for delivering.


Director of Inforce Systems
  • Oversaw the Annual testing Budget for Inforce Systems
  • Planned, scheduled and monitored work plans for employees
  • Trained new employees and cross-trained existing employees on the various business functions
  • Prepared Training Materials
  • Trained the Trainers
  • Reviewed detailed business requirements for one or more business functions through:

1.Worked closely with Individual Policy Service (IPS) customers to perform business analysis tasks.
2.Coordinated testing efforts for one or more business functions including:
(A) Validated and executed test plans
(B) Identified resources (data requirements, system necessities & people)


  • Reviewed of new/modified forms and policyholder communications designed by various team members.
  • Reviewed status reports, statistics, including reports for upper management.
  • Reviewed user documentation & training materials and/or new project level customer communications created by other team members.
  • Performed problem/risk analysis for business functions.
  • Represented Inforce Systems as the analytical expert on interdepartmental or interdivisional projects.
  • Handled production support and user guidance requests.
  • Worked with Home Office (HO), Service Center (SC) and General Office (GO) personnel in planning of applications/projects
  • Delegated of work assignments
  • Followed up on the progress of the assignments
  • Scheduled assignments
  • Coordinated requirement sessions
  • Developed project timelines
  • Coached and mentored employees
  • Point of contact for New York Life Disaster Recovery efforts
  • Prepared project presentations for management
  • Acted as the Testing Liaison Coordinator (between ILD and Inforce Systems) for the last five years on all New Product Introduction and Repricing efforts. The responsibilities were as follows:
  • Attended various Project Kick-off meetings as the Inforce Systems Specialist Rep
  • Prepared written assessments on what each project entails and what would be our area’s involvement.
  • Worked closely with the various system managers to develop testing schedules
  • Ensured that all deadlines were met by the testers in the Inforce Systems area and if the deadlines could not be met, negotiated if possible, and alternate dates. (i.e. dates for test plans, specifications, mock-ups, etc.)
  • Prepared written progress reports for various projects for senior management review
  • Trouble Shooting: assisted the testers when needed in straightening out any problems that they may have incured (which might cause delays) while they were in the system-testing phase.
  • Followed up on any post implementation items
Senior Systems Consultant
  • Project administration and interaction with business partners/production centers
  • Coordinated/prepared/executed test plans and test cases as part of system acceptance testing for newly developed, corrected or enhanced systems.
  • System administration and preventative maintenance.
  • Coordinated/investigated/evaluated recommendations impacting systems’ processing, including the implementation of approved changes.
  • Preparation of system procedures and or announcements for newly enhanced or corrected systems, because of projects, SRC’s (Service Request Coordination) or new product introduction
  • Post Implementation follow-up and review to ensure Quality Assurance and cost effectiveness
  • Acted as a customer tester liaison coordinator for the Inforce Systems area on various companywide projects/initiatives
Systems Consultant
  • Assisted with documentation of business requirements, to include creation of new forms and policyholder communications or modification of existing forms
  • Developed test plans independently based on available documentation
  • Executed test plans and documented results
  • Prepared reports of test results for project manager
  • Prepared user documentation and training materials for field news internal communication
  • Assisted with research regarding necessity of new projects and or emerging technology and its practical implementation within the Individual Policy Service Department
Senior Systems Associate
  • Prepared and executed test plans and test cases as part of system acceptance testing for newly developed, corrected or enhanced systems
  • Assisted with system administration and maintenance
  • Investigated and recommended solutions/improvements regarding system processing or problems
  • Prepared/Maintained system processing procedures and system enhancement communications for our business partners
  • Prepared business specifications and requirements in collaboration with business partners and programmers or vendors
Entry Level –Accounting Analyst
    Balanced company accounts for Life and Target Life products
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